Essence of You

You don’t have to wait for everything in your life to be perfect for you to feel most you.

You can start today

You know those moments when you feel alive, inspired and free?  Perhaps it’s moments like watching a sunset, travelling, painting, getting excited by a new idea, dancing in your living room, or laughing with loved ones.

These wild, unique, and varied experiences light you up, fill you with love, excitement, and contentment.  They connect you to yourself in such a powerful way, that you feel genuine appreciation for the gift of life.  This feeling is so wonderful, you want to hold onto it and never let it go.

These moments make us feel that life is worthwhile and they inspire us to dream, create, and grow into the best version of ourselves.  It’s in these moments that you’re connecting to the essence of you, and that’s what I teach people to do as a way of being.

This program is for people who care deeply about living from their heart and want to feel connected to themselves in their everyday life, bringing more love, kindness, joy and a knowing that they are enough. You don’t have to wait for everything in your life to be perfect for you to feel most you.  You can start today.

By following the step by step guided practices in this program, you’ll be empowered with the skills to connect back to you at any time, regardless of what is going on in your life.  On this journey, you’ll activate your inner kindness, where you’ll find more clarity, trust yourself more and have yourself smiling on the inside and outside.

Inside the Essence of You Course...

12 Week Course

For the next 12 weeks, you’ll receive a range of practices that guide you to connect to your inner essence. This action based course will have you making time for yourself as you step out of your head and into your heart.

Tools and Strategies

This course is packed with tools and strategies that are fun and easy to follow. You’ll be guided  step by step to connect to your inner spark so that it becomes your new normal. Get  ready to jump straight in and take  action that is simple but profound. 

Stay Motivated

Within each fortnight, you’ll be supported with a variety of ideas, tips and stories that will encourage, motivate and keep you inspired on your journey. You’ll be given the space to dive deep, be playful along with the freedom to add your own flavour.

Printable Program

The program will be delivered to you in a way that is easily printable. You can read it online or print it out and carry it with you and have it handy any time you need.

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As you dive into this program you will...

Explore your breath as way of connecting to you.

Get to know the feeling of love as your natural state.

Step more into the present moment with a joyful bounce.

Be guided to effortlessly connect to your essence by doing what you love.

Notice and enjoy the journey as you move from your mind to your heart.

Take time for yourself and watch your inner kindness grow.

Have yourself smiling on the inside and outside often.

Take action to bring each practice to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s unique about this course?  This course will complement anything you already do for self-care.  It’s super practical and will tie into your daily life effortlessly.  Life can be just as incredible as it is confusing and what’s special about this course is that it will meet you exactly where you are.  Because regardless of what’s going on, where you are right now, is exactly where you’re meant to be.  You’ll discover how to be more present, playful and appreciative of what’s right in front of you as you continue to grow and expand.  

What’s the schedule?  This is a 12 week course with new practices released fortnightly.  This gives you plenty of time to implement each one before starting the next.  An intro email will arrive the moment you sign up, then 1 day later you’ll receive your first practice.  Before your second practice arrives two weeks later, you’ll receive a variety of emails that will inspire, support and cheer you on.  You’ll discover a regular pattern until you reach the final two weeks, which then takes on a different format. 

This sounds like it’s going to be a very self-indulgent program, is it?  When you spend time connecting to yourself, getting in touch with your essence, you’ll notice that you feel good. When you feel good, you’re then inspired to make really good decisions for yourself and those around you.  Connecting to your natural state of joy, which is the essence of you, and choosing to do it over and over again isn’t selfish. It’s the greatest gift that you could ever give yourself. Hello kindness, generosity, inspiration and happiness!

Why was the Essence of You program created?  This Essence of You program is the result of my own journey of self discovery. I have always been a bit of soul searcher, intrigued about happiness and what this game of life is really all about. These ideas are all because they worked for me. I have come to discover what it means to love myself and to know what that feels like. Being the practical person that I am, I needed more than just a thought to get me there, I needed action I could take, baby steps that would keep guiding me back to a place of being aware of my inner essence, a place of love.  This is one of the greatest gifts that I have ever given myself. 

100% Course Guarantee


 As you weave the Essence of You program into your life, you will…

  • Feel great making time to for yourself in a way that has you cultivating a truly great relationship with you.
  • Have a range of tools and strategies to connect to that feeling of being most you any time you like. 
  • Notice when you’re not feeling great and have some practical ways of acknowledging where you’re at and then be able to come back to a feel good place.
  • Find yourself becoming kinder towards yourself as you stop giving all your attention to your mind and believing everything it tells you.
  • Experience more joy in your everyday moments.
  • Trust yourself more as you receive a greater sense of clarity.

Once you get started though, if you find that it’s not for you or you’re unsatisfied with it for any reason, send me an email with why you’re dissatisfied within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you your money back. To get the best out of this program, it needs to be right for you. 


I love that there is absolutely no risk! It’s a win win.

Before you enrol, let's clarify WHO this is for:

The Givers: You’re so busy giving to others whether it be your family, friends, colleagues or clients that you can easily lose yourself along the way. This is for you to fill up and give yourself the greatest gift you can give.

The Dreamers: You have more than just a sneaking suspicion that there’s more to life. You feel like there’s something missing and you’re ready to bring more joy and happiness into your life, while at the same time cultivating a beautiful relationship with yourself.

The Seekers: You are a soul searcher who knows that life is better when you live from your heart in a very literal sense. You’re ready for practical ways to keep stepping out of your mind and into the love that you are, as you let this guide you in all that you do.

To connect with your essence and light that inner spark of yours...

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How much to live a more connected life?



$22 x 4 Fortnightly payments

Hey, did you know that 79 AUD breaks down to $6.50 a week? This will barely get you a coffee and a muffin, or a treat from your favourite gelato shop. These lovely, living in the moment experiences, as tasty as they are can leave you wanting more. Why not invest in yourself with a gift that will bring an extra layer of meaning, connection, love and joy to all you experiences?All up, it’s less than the price of a 60 minute 1-1 session with me in which we’d cover only 1/6 of the content in this course.