Journaling Workshops

What's it all about?

Stress and frustration are a perfectly normal part of life.  In the same way that the fuel light in a car is an indicator to fill up the tank, our uncomfortable or unwanted emotions are important indicators that are trying to tell us something.

We’ll be using a journaling strategy to take our not so fun emotions on a journey where they get transformed into a gift.  

This will leave you feeling calm, clear, empowered and happy.

What will we cover?

We’ll explore how to learn from our stresses and frustrations in 5 steps.  Rather than letting them keep you stuck or reacting to them, you’ll be guided with easy to follow steps to dive a little deeper.

You’ll learn a very practical way of using a journal for growth that will include:

  • Giving yourself permission to stress
  • Uncovering what the stress might really be about
  • Discovering the gift that it really is

With each step, you’ll be guided to practice by putting pen to paper.  Remember, you don’t have to be a writer, this works for everyone! Whatever you write in your journal is personal and you won’t be asked to share it.

Who are journaling workshops for?

Friends and Family

Come together and journal with a group of your loved ones.  You’ll be supported and empowered to discover your own answers from within.  At the same time, it will transform the way you catch up and continue to support each other through the roller coaster ride of life.   


Change the way you work and communicate by weaving this journaling strategy into your organisation.  Imagine the impact of giving people the opportunity to transform their stress instead of holding onto it?  Happy people are productive people.


Coming soon!  Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to connect and learn this life changing skill of journaling to transform stress.

To find out more or to book a Journaling workshop, contact

The investment for this journaling workshop is entirely up to you

This powerful journaling process will change your life if you continue to use it on a regular basis.  You’ll discover the most incredible insights and inner wisdom when you give yourself the time.  From small groups of friends and family to organisations, you’re invited to pay what you want in exchange for the gift of this workshop.  Yes, you read that right!  At the end of the workshop, you get the chance to give thanks in your own way and decide to pay what feels right for you.

Doesn't the freedom to choose feel so good?

Putting your own value on something might sound crazy or it might be refreshing and empowering.

The choice is yours.

We all experience stress.  What’s important is that we have accessible ways of dealing with it that will leave you feeling calm, clear, empowered and happy.  Not only does this journaling process shift unwanted emotions, it also cultivates inner kindness.  When we’re kind with ourselves, we’re kind to others and so continues the loving ripple out into the world.  That’s where true change begins. 

To continue the cycle of giving, 10% of all money paid goes to the charity…

Helping Hand Helping Hearts raises money to provide support, health and education for disadvantaged children.  100% of all donations goes to their beneficiaries.

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To find out more or to book a journaling workshop, contact