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Are you too much in your head?

Do you ever feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated or don’t have enough time for yourself?

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These emotions are a normal part of life. The challenges we face, including unwanted emotions can often become our greatest teacher.

Journal writing is an incredible way to take what’s on your mind and gently work through it so that it becomes a gift.

In this workshop, you will learn a step by step approach to journal writing, complete with questions and prompts. This supportive process is designed to enhance your wellbeing and give you a fresh perspective, where you feel lighter, grounded, clear, calm, happy and empowered to take inspired action.

About The Workshop

In this 75 minute, live, online workshop, we will explore a transformational 5-step way of journaling. You will learn a practical tool that will:

  • Allow you to let go what’s on your mind
  • Dive a little deeper to explore what the stress might really be about
  • Discover the gift that it really is and be empowered to take action

    You will:

    • Be guided by a qualified life-coach
    • Receive an overview of the complete 5-Step process
    • Enjoy 2 weeks of group journaling sessions that will support you to put this process into practice

    All you’ll need is:

    • Pen and paper. With each step, you’ll be guided to practice. Whatever you write is personal and you won’t be asked to share it
    • A peaceful and relaxing environment (you could even have a candle, plant or some flowers close by).

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    The workshop is open to all people, in all locations around the world!

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    How you think and feel about yourself and the world around you, impacts all areas of your life.

    Journaling is a way of sorting through your own thoughts and emotions, giving yourself the opportunity to come home to you.

    When you feel grounded, calm, inspired and clear, you make good decisions for yourself and those around you, sending ripples of love and kindness out into the world.  That’s where true change begins.

    Say yes to your wellbeing and come and journal with me!

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    The gift of this $25 Journal Writing Workshop is perfect for people from 17-101 years young!

    It includes: 

    • A 75 minute, live, online workshop run by me, a qualified life-coach
    • An overview of the 5-Step journalling process, with questions and prompts
    • 2 weeks of group journalling sessions


    Everything about this journal writing program works for me: from the initial workshop (delivered so nimbly, yet warmly by Ingrid) to the takeaway techniques for ready application. I value my enhanced daily journaling, not only for the discoveries and pointers to action, but also the lightness of being (physical and mental) that inevitably flows. Some things in life are simply essential – journaling the 5-step way is definitely one.
    Glenys Hodgson

    Ingrid’s Journaling for workshop was really valuable for me. It gave me a new tool for dealing with stress in a therapeutic and meaningful way. It taught me how to process emotions, get to the root cause of the stress and see the meaning and opportunity in any situation. Her journaling technique has empowered me to move forward with problems much more constructively and quickly than other stress management techniques. I highly recommend doing this workshop and believe everyone can gain a lot from it.
    Susan White

    Wellbeing Manager

    Working with Ingrid online in the comfort of my own home was amazing!  She’s a delight! And even though I have been journaling for some time, the insights I gained along with a new way of writing were surprising! I’m excited to take my journaling to an all new level with the insightful promptings I learnt. I’m grateful for the experience and would recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to allow a deeper unfolding of your time spent with pen and paper.

    Jeanette Padilla

    Functional Medicine Health Coach

    The 5 step journal workshop has enabled me to gain the maximum benefit from journaling. I have done quite a bit of journaling in the past, but I am finding  that  I am gaining much more insight by working through the five steps. Ingrid takes you through the process in an empathetic and helpful manner, thus making it an easy and enjoyable activity. The course has certainly been helpful during this stressful time but I am now making it a part of my daily routine.
    Fran Williamson

    Happily Retired

    I was super excited to attended one of Ingrid’s “Journaling to transform Stress” online workshops, and who wouldn’t want an effective tool to help manage their current unusual circumstances? The group class was small and intimate with time (& privacy) to explore the interactive element of the learning. It was beautifully structured and flowed whilst being an authentic way to connect inwards in the presence of others. The time just zipped by and there was still space for questions and reflections. It really helped with my worrisome thoughts and I am blown away by the aftercare and support too. Highly recommended – don’t miss this one.
    Clare MacDonald

    Short Course Coordinator

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